The Signature Watch Roll - Black


DESCRIPTION: Always travel in style and always have options. Our Signature Leather Watch Roll is the perfect travel accessory to make sure that you always have a selection of watches when you travel. Our watch roll is designed to keep your collection of timepieces safe and comfortable.

Our Signature Leather Watch Roll is approximately 15" (w) x 13" (h) and fits 5 watches. Each pocket is approximately 72mm wide to fit even your larger timepieces or pieces with bulky crowns. The Signature Watch Roll is made from leather that is hand picked, cut, stitched and finished by the talented artisans at BLUE & GRAE. These artists are skilled leather artisans based just outside of England who make each of these rolls with an unwavering attention to detail. We’ve collaborated with them to bring you a watch roll that lives up to the same standards of quality that we put into each watch that we build. 

Material: Black Stitched Leather
Roll Dimensions (unrolled): 15"(w) x 13"(h)
Pocket Width (each): 72mm


Type: Watch Roll

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