Policy Information


Thank you for your interest in The Stanton Watch Co - our Terms & Conditions are contained below. You will find shipping information, warranty information, servicing recommendations, and more. This list is not exhaustive - instead, this list is intended to provide our customers with the information that it often considered most important before purchasing a watch. Keep in mind that you can contact us directly with questions that may not already be covered below. Thank you. 

TERMS AND CONDITIONS (arranged alphabetically by topic)

AVAILABILITY: All purchases are subject to availability. We fill orders on a first come first serve basis. Since we limit the number of watches made for each edition, it is important for us to let you know that we honor purchases in the order that they are received. Once an edition is sold out we discontinue that particular edition to maintain its exclusivity and integrity. 

LIMITED EDITION: All of our watches are limited edition. By building limited amounts of each edition, we are able to maintain the highest quality possible so that you can be assured that you are purchasing a watch that has received hours of focused attention to detail that results in a truly precision watch. Furthermore, limiting the amounts of each edition adds to the exclusivity of owning a watch from The Stanton Watch Co. 

MECHANICAL MOVEMENT: Often, the movements used in our watches are mechanical with an automatic winder. The movements vary depending on the particular watch edition that you have chosen. If you've chosen a watch that has an automatic movement, the movement will constantly be loading the power reserve as the automatic winder rotates. The reserve can generally run the watch for approximately 40 hours even when the winder is not in motion. If you've left the watch sitting for a long period of time, you can manually wind the movement by turning the stem/crown clockwise. It takes approximately 25 full turns to wind the movement completely, but we do not recommend fully winding the watch. Manually over-winding can damage the movement that will not be covered in our warranty. Instead, we recommend manually winding the movement with 10-15 rotations and then allow the motion of your arm to take care of the rest. If you have questions about your specific movement please contact us directly. 

ONLINE PAYMENTS: We accept payments online through the services offered by Shopify and Square, Inc.. Payments placed on our website are secured through the Shopify payment processing. Customer invoices and in-person sales are processed through Square, Inc.. We work with these payment processing services because they help provide secure and safe shopping. Any questions regarding the specifics of payment processing should be directed to these particular service providers. 

QUALITY & MANUFACTURING: Our goal is to create the best watch that we can, so we work with craftsmen around the world who create individual parts that we combine and design to build an amazing timepiece. We spend hours fitting, cutting, creating, and assembling each individual watch. We assemble each watch in the USA. This means that each individual watch is an artisan creation that receives hands-on attention from people who are passionate about creating great watches that can last for generations. 

RETURNS: Customers must submit all return requests within 30 days from the date of purchase. As a policy, no return requests will be accommodated if the watch has been damaged from the customer's improper use or wear of the watch. We make reasonable efforts to accommodate all return requests. Specifically, we will review return requests on a case-by-case basis and we reserve the right to accept or deny any request after reviewing the particular facts. 

SERVICING: All of our movements can be serviced by most licensed jewelers and watch professionals. We recommend having your movement serviced every three - five years. Most jewlers and/or watch stores have a professional available who can service watch movements. When a mechanical movement is properly serviced and cared for it can last for generations. 

SHIPPING: We choose to ship our items using FedEx. Purchasers may request other shipping methods but the request must be given with reasonable advance notice so that accommodations can be arranged. We are happy to work with you to make the buying experience enjoyable, just communicate with us. Generally, when orders are placed directly on our website you can expect 2-3 days for order processing. Once your order is shipped we will send tracking details to the email address that you provide when checking out. For shipping addresses in the continental United States you should expect 3-5 business days on average for shipping depending on your location. Shipping times for all shipments outside of the continental United States may vary more greatly depending on the location.

WARRANTY: We warranty our watches completely for 1 year and the warranty covers mechanical defects only. This includes the movement, the dial, the hands, and other internal operating components. Please note that the warranty does not cover water damage to the movement or dial. For that reason, we encourage you to always ensure that the casebook is secured properly and that the crown is secured properly. Moreover, the warranty does not cover exterior scratches on the case or lens that may be caused by everyday circumstances while you wear the watch. Damage caused to the movement, dial, hands or internal components as a result of improper use will not be covered by the warranty.

NOTICE: Our logo is a registered trademark not to be used or duplicated.

Our policies are including, but not limited to the items listed above. For more detailed information about our watches, warranty, or any other terms & conditions, please contact us directly.